Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sweet, Sweet Sixteen.

Many thoughts come to mind when I say the word Sixteen.   It brings back memories of being sweet 16 myself.....a time when life was blossoming and I was on the cusp of womanhood.   Many firsts happened my Sixteenth year....some good, some bad, but all memories and moments to learn by.

Then the years roll forward and I watch two of my own daughters turn Sweet 16.   I know that for them, it was similar years.....that cusp of leaving the realm of 'childhood' and moving into the mysterious, complicated and delightful realm of 'womanhood'. 

and then to see so many more moons and sun circle the earth that now too, they have left the 'teen' years themselves.   It makes me realize how quickly time is fleeting......this cycle of life.

But for me, this Sweet Sixteen I speak of today is one that has been a long time coming [or so it seems].  This Sweet Sixteen is a Celebration......a countdown.  I finally feel like I am on a countdown in this journey of mine to health and well being.

This morning I stepped on the scale and I am within SIXTEEN pounds to my goal.  

16......I truly never thought I'd see this day, and it has been about sixteen years since I was at this goal weight, so the sweetness of the journey is coming to the realization that my lifestyle change and embracing myself and my health is working.....slowly and steadily.  Seriously, I had my doubts that I would finally be at this point.

But it is here ~ I am here.

Let the countdown begin!!!!

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Kim Ayres said...

My son is now 16, on the edge of manhood - grown up in so many ways, yet still so young in others.

I can't really remember much about being 16. The biggest thing was leaving school, but having no idea what to do with myself