Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Rambling Mommy and her littest angel Posted by Hello

Pulling Your Hair Out....

I know where the term, 'Pulling Your Hair Out' came from. It came from a mother. It might have first be spoken, when your sweet little newborn accidently catches its precious wrinkly fingers in your long hair.....or it might have been coined when your spunky toddler purposefully pulls at your hair [even though you have it piled up on top of your head to avoid accidental pulls 'see you have learned this trick by now] while they are sitting purched on your back in a backpack while you try to get the dinner dishes done.....or it might have been first spoken when you are trying to get four kids, to four different activities, all within a 15 minute time frame from each other.

But as I think back to the origins of the term 'Pulling Your Hair Out' I realize that no matter when or where the words were first spoken, they are words that you cherish, because you know someday, someday too soon, there won't be any little fingers or too many activities to muss your hair.