Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wake me Up.........

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

My sister has been singing this song.......after the events of the last week. I have joined in the chorus, because this September has seemed to be one that has lost all of its innocence.

Tonight I took Otto to say good-bye to his dear friends mother. Maureen Infusino passed away on Monday, September 26, 2005, leaving her husband Wayne and precious son Daniel behind.

We stood in line at the funeral home, looking at the collages of pictures of Maureens life. How sad it was, but also how know that these images of her life, were the times she cherished.....her wedding day, the picture of her fully pregnant at her baby shower, her hand cradling her full womb of her precious boy to be.....of Daniel and his Mommy dressed in a Santa's suit in his Mommy's arms infront of the Christmas, pieces of her life....captured to remember the joy,,,,to remember the precious moments of her life!

Otto was just a brave young man.....shaking Mr. Infusino's hand and telling him how sorry he was.

We then went to Daniels house and brought a big basket of muffins that Otto helped me bake all afternoon.

We talked, Otto and I........talking about the cycle of life.......that both birth and death are part of our journey,,,but what is truly important is the living inbetween.....of living your life to the fullest. Of being a friend.....Of reaching out and helping others.......Of being!

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