Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Childhood memories

Life has been in full swing around here.

I've been thinking about my own childhood memories, recalling moments that were important to me, or defining moments in my life, because each one of my children have been experiencing those kinds of moments in their lives.

It brings a big smile to my face as they excitedly share a special moment with me......I knowing that 10, 20, 30 years down the road, these moments will come back to them from time to time and they will be their special childhood memories.

Lets see, a list of firsts:

Katrina got her first official job!!! She is working at Melicks Orchard on the weekends. On the same day that she started her first official job, she got her drivers permit and took her first driving lesson...........for three hours my daughter was behind the wheel of a car, driving through Warren, Morris and Hunterdon County [want to talk about the excited conversations she shared that evening].

Sigh,,,,,,it was so wonderful watching her tell us all about her big day.

Greta started high school!! She also made JV Field Hockey as a freshman. She is taking a very difficult coarse load and is just bubbling from the great adventure of life that she is traveling.

Otto is in Mrs. Jordan's 4th grade class and is so very happy. He attended a Boy Scout camp this summer [Camp SouthHaven] upstate New York with his cousin Harry and Uncle Jeff. What an incredible experience he had. He and Harry earned some badges and he got his 'whittling' card [a big achievement in Otto's eyes....ours too!!!]

Emma Sage is just blossoming into an amazing little girl. She is talking up a storm, is fully aware and involved with everyone and everything around her. She has modeled again for Toys R Us ~ two times in the last two weeks [this girl is making big bucks!]. I think Emma Sages favorite memory of the summer of 2005 would be her first visit to Sesame Place where she got to dance and sing with Elmo!!!

Rick is traveling lots. Leaves today for Italy and I'm busy being a Momma, man life is good!

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Kim Ayres said...

I enjoyed this post!

I try and take the time to remind myself that life is good at the moment. Too often we only realise after the event that life WAS good, and we wished we'd noticed at the time.