Monday, July 10, 2006

Whoa.....where does the time go....

Well, the Rambling Momma has been rambling, but mostly on Emma Sage's blog, because I never seem to have any extra time or energy to ramble here....the place for me to ramble.

As you know, I love photography....has been a life-long passion and one that I try to improve upon every day.

We have a family wedding on Sunday [my brother-in-law, Jim's, brother Ed] The whole family was invited and it was truly a magical day. We ate, drank, danced and celebrate the beautiful union of Ed and Svetlana.

But boy is this Momma tired, as on the 4th of July, Svetlana asked Jim [my bil] and I if we would photograph their wedding. We both said yes, and what a job it, but oh, so tiring.

Here are few of the photographs I took...I figured I'd upload them here as I get them online.

So tell me......'How do you think I did?' you think I might have a vocation for being a wedding photographer? I seriously thought that this would be a fun and rewarding weekend job.DSC04968
The Beautiful Bride
The Beautiful Bride and her dress
The ceremony [which was in an Eastern Orthodox Church] and a very moving ceremony.

and my little Miss.....


Kim Ayres said...

Your wedding photos are stunning, Tara Marie, and knock the socks off many who call themselves professionals :)

Tara Marie said...

Awe, thanks Kim......I had so much fun [but boy is it a hard job]. I have been thinking about you, I must go visit your blog, as I know you were taking a bit of a holiday.