Friday, January 11, 2013

Enjoy Every Sandwich

My last words to you….. “Enjoy that Sandwich”

I can’t believe that when we last spoke on Monday evening that would be the last time I heard your voice or the last words I ever spoke to you.

Like all of our conversations, you greeted me with my special ‘Hello’ in that high-pitched, falsetto teenage boys voice. A voice changing tones that we laughed about so many moons ago, when you journeyed from boy to man. Your greeting was always the gateway back to our younger years, when our friendship formed. Before all the complications of life and growing up. When we were young, innocent, inquisitive and so full of passion for life. We were going to take on the world….Sir Lance.

Then life got in the way. The 80’s came and went ~ Both of our hair getting larger than life. My journey led me to New York City, and yours in a different direction.

Everything in this life’s journey happens for a reason. I am giving thanks that our paths picked up where they left off and that you became once again an important part of my daily life. I will miss you more than words can ever express.

When I’m climbing up rocks or down ravines to get that perfect photograph, I will hear your sweet laughter, as you *got* me Sir Lance. You accepted me for exactly who I am and you helped me embrace the true joy of this Life’s extraordinary journey.

My last words to you…….seem so very profound today.

Not too long ago we spoke of those exact words ‘Enjoy Every Sandwich’ as we spoke of life, love, friendship, family and loss. You told me that you were concerned that I grieved so deeply for those I have lost. We made a promise to each other after that conversation Sir Lance…….

And this morning ~ as the sun rose in brilliant tones of red and pink against a slate gray sky……I watched a small hawk fly through the valley, calling out.

I smiled.

My eyes are wide open my sweet friend……… And I will give thanks every time I see a sign from you from the great beyond.

Until we meet again my dear friend ~ I will enjoy every sandwich.

And I will keep you in my heart for a while…..a long while.

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